Go Amrit A2 Ghee

The originator of Pure Ghee


Go Amrit A2 Ghee

The originator of Pure Ghee


Go Amrit A2 Ghee

The originator of Pure Ghee

About Us

We are committed to work with a devoted mission of Cow Protection and Avail individuals to cow significance to the world. It’s our privilege to serve and keep a breed unadulterated 'GIR Cows' which is purely well maintained and nourished here at our farms with ancient Indian Vedic way. Indeed, even we are creating different unadulterated solutions from "Panchagavya" the raw mistrials from dairy animals, for example, Ghee, dung and cow urine, and attempting to serve that to individuals as much as to cure diseases.

about us
Why Cow's Vedic Ghee?


Most preferred natural product without any side-effects


Desi Cow

Use only highly nutritional milk of desi Gir Cows



Cows living in a standard way without any cruelty


Grass fed

Cows graze in open grass fields are given feed full of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs

Hand Churned

Made by the means of most organic and natural procedures



Best in class ghee full of nutrition with several medicinal attributes


A2 Milk

Easy to digest via natural process due to purely A2 protein



Using only traditional and natural Indian ghee-making processes

We do it well

Advantages of Using Cow’s Ghee

When people wanted to get healthy using tasty & pure Cow's ghee then they consider only our product. We use ancient Indian traditions to make cow's ghee. We provide pure and healthy cow's ghee in order to bring all the required health benefits to people. It is easily digestible and beneficial over the commercial ghee that people use regularly.

The Procedure

Our hand-churning process of ghee making is inspired from the ancient Vedic Indian methods. We include only the A2 milk of Indian Gir cows. The process is further elongated by fermentation of 35 liters of A2 milk into curd, which is then hand-churned to extract makkhan, and that lastly produce 1 liter of Vedic A2 ghee. There are zero adulteration and negative chances of chemical additives.

No Animal Exploitation for Procurement

We follow zero tolerance policy with our cows and give them equal treatment. Our cows graze in open fields where they consume different types of medicinal grass and we provide them a very comfortable living. As of those we don't leave calves from milk they are our first priority, so we care them too. Animal exploitation is against our ethics and we keenly keep it included in our ghee making practice.