10 Years of Recognition

We came into existence with the aim to provide the best and long term healthy life to people.

We believe in good health with the power of Cow's ghee. So we developed Surbhi Gir Goshala, Kalwara, Jaipur, Rajasthan in 2008. We use Vedic traditional methods of extracting ghee from milk and we have only desi Gir cows in our farms to provide a type of ghee is that is full of A2 protein.

We give them a very comfortable environment to live in this manner they give several dietary and health benefits by the means of their milk power.

Our commitment

We are committed to work with a devoted mission of Cow Protection and Avail individuals to cow significance to the world. It’s our privilege to serve and keep a breed unadulterated 'GIR Cows' which is purely well maintained and nourished here at our farms with ancient Indian Vedic way. Indeed, even we are creating different unadulterated solutions from "Panchagavya" the raw mistrials from dairy animals, for example, Ghee, dung and cow urine, and attempting to serve that to individuals as much as to cure diseases.

What is about us?

Surbhi Gir Goshala is the best efforts of Shree Sidheshwar Maharaj.

Both being a cow lover and founder he started our web place to provide a good health option to people via online. We provide the purest form of Desi ghee that contains all the natural ingredients that are required to nurture your body perfectly. Our ghee is free from any type of contaminated things, preservatives and adulteration. People have a big fate in our product so we also know it how to maintain their trust by providing only the quality ghee at very reasonable price.

By providing the quality product to the people we have achieved a new height of people's preference as well as product lovers spread all over the world. We need your regular support and encouragement to spread the message of "living healthy by desi cow's ghee" to have a happy and healthy life. Our product is well known in both the markets national and international. We are also committed to conserve cows by providing them all the required facilities to live a health life in our farm.

We are involved in providing all types of Gir Cow's milk products especially manufactured to provide health and body care also used for home care. All these processes to get different products from cow are very relevant and faithful. You can also use our cow’s ghee while doing pray and in hawan pooja etc.

Our Vision

Surbhi Gir Goshala is the best efforts of Shree Sidheshwar Maharaj.

Except making cow's milk products our team also work ardently and enthusiastically in developing and creating awareness of political, economical, cultural and social benefits brought by the means of keeping up the cows in well maintained farms and households.

We also care of nature by using cow’s extracts in farms. It maintains nitrogen level of soil and increase the fertility to grow more and more crops. It is our main motto to provide the best in class quality based milk products. Get your ghee today and live healthy for a long.