Cow ghee is a great and the best edible item with unbeatable health benefits. It is beneficial in different types of disorders and allergic issues. But if you are using these products that are made of hybrid cows or buffalos then there is no benefit for you. Instead of providing any types of benefits to you these types of ghee can increase fat in your body and may create some severe issues.

Gir cow’s ghee is the best to maintain your digestive system and also controls the blood circulation system. It also balances Pitta without decreasing digestive potential. It is also useful to cure constipation issues if use regularly.

There are uncountable benefits of using cow's ghee such as it increase bone power, stamina, improves body's resistance to various diseases. If you choose our ghee available on our web place then helps to enable the body development tissues and also assist organs to function in the right way. Our products are also beneficial in order to provide capabilities of the brain such as intellect, genius, memory and wisdom.

Gir cow's ghee available with us is the best product to maintain detoxification and in improving metabolism of body. It is also beneficial to cure insomnia. If you think that ghee increases body fat then you should use our cow's ghee at least once. Yes it is pure and fully healthy also help to reduce your body fat and mobilize it. Our ghee also used as a good moisturizer and lubricator that is useful to cure dryness of skin, cracked lips, heels, hair and voice during winter. It is useful if you want to increase skin tone and complexion. We provide the purest form of ghee to curbing of hair fall and voice clarity.

Why Use Goamrit A2 Ghee?

In the modern lifestyle, there are many physical issues we face on our body such as joints pain and other types of problems. Our body needs energy in the form of carbohydrates and other ingredients which can only be accessed by using traditional ghee from Gir cows. Don't use synthetic or commercial ghee because it contains preservatives which are harmful for body. Apart from increasing your daily food healthily and deliciously, Gir cow's ghee available with us can be a good decision to help common lifestyle issues.

Ghee made by milk of Gir cows using traditional methods includes, Calcium, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Iron, Protein, Sodium, along with Vitamin A, D, E.

Some Uses

Dietary Uses

  • Ghee offered by us works as anti-aging medicine if you use it in your daily diet.

  • It increases your metabolism power if used on chapatti or dal.

  • A super diet for pregnant women, even a small spoon of ghee can boost up their strength.

Health Uses

  • It is very beneficial for bones of new born child.

  • To help cure hair fall, sleeplessness, migraines, snorting, premature greying of hairs, headaches etc.

  • Take 1 tea spoon of warm ghee to get relief in joints pain.

  • Decreases the cholesterol.

Spiritual Uses

  • Use it in Hawan Poojas it helps to purify air and nearby surroundings.