Our Process

Ghee also known as Indian Desi butter produced using milk of numerous animals such as cow, buffalo, and goat, etc. However, the Vedic ghee can be only made by using Desi Cows drain from indigenous breed. However, to make pure ghee using ancient Indian process, we have to take after the conventional technique for making Ghee, where we don't utilize any commercial tools or machines for making ghee. We make Vedic Ghee (Pure Cow Ghee) from milk we get from grass fed to Gir cows.

Vedic Ghee is made by hand churned methods in which churning is used to take out the curd of milk, the entire curds is agitated with a wooden churner in conventional strategy and after that warming the cream got from it. The way toward making traditional clarified butter is finished once the water is vanished and the fat (elucidated butter) is isolated from the milk solids. In this procedure around 30 Litres of milk is fermented into curd and is utilized to make only 1 Litre of ghee! It has every one of the properties as elaborated in Ayurvedic and Vedas Shahtras. It is a slow process but it saves all the required ingredients of milk in Ghee and provides benefits to people's health.

Process with steps

Our Process is completely based on ancient Indian traditions. We use hand-churrn techniques to get the purest and finest ghee; in our procedure we use 30 litres A2 milk into curd, which is coalesced and hand-churned to finally produce 1 litre of Vedic Ghee.

Step 1 :

In a clay pot unprocessed, fresh and raw milk is boiled and converted into curd

Step 2 :

Hand-churned process is used with a wooden churner, also known as "Bilona" in Indian language

Step 3 :

We obtain the butter in this process then separate it.

Step 4 :

Separated butter (makkhan) is then boiled in an iron vessel on sim fire.